How to become a flight attendant with no experience

How to become a flight attendant with no experience – Ultimate guide 2023

You are looking most flight attendants in uniform, with perfect hair and makeup. And you immediately wonder: “How to become a flight attendant with no experience?”

How complex job responsibilities? In your perfectly fitting uniform, you are the radiant face of most airlines. As flight attendants, no day is like any other. Different destinations, guests, and daily changing teams provide variety. Flexibility, resilience, and a friendly appearance are therefore particularly important.

Because at an altitude of 10,000 meters it can get shaky and in case of medical incidents, a doctor is not always on the spot. Changes quickly occur in everyday life, you are activated from standby duty or your flight is delayed.

A flight attendant job is a nice goodie for the challenging everyday life: As an airline employee, you usually flight benefits long periods(free flights) from attractive discounts and customer service experience, which you don’t even have to wait that long – because thanks to the short training period, time flies by.

You must have not good listening skills, but excellent communication skills. This is not good news for those who are shy or afraid of communication. You should be the same as your flexible schedule.

In this article you will read:

– How to become a flight attendant with no experience?

– Is it hard to become flight attendants?

– What qualifications do you need to be a flight attendant?

– How much does a beginner flight attendant make?

– What are the chances of getting hired as flight attendants?

How to become a flight attendant with no experience?

Anyone who is interested in the profession of a stewardess should definitely bring great stress resistance. The task field looks different every day, even despite fixed workflows. Every day you meet new faces and new challenges, which you have to face again and again – sometimes in shift operation.

The service concept should be in the foreground for flight attendants at all times, whether on a short-haul or a long-haul flight. Flight attendants are always friendly, well-groomed, and open-minded. They look after every passenger with passion and are ready for close cooperation with colleagues and superiors.

Of course, preparing and providing passengers with drinks and food is one of the most important tasks in the daily work of a stewardess. The profession has gained something very special by the fact that you travel all over the world and get to see more of the most popular destinations than any frequent flyer.

Jet lag, time shifting and shift work – as well as fear of flying and heights – should not be topics for many flight attendants, because those who are not flexible in these areas have bad cards for a successful career.

How to become a flight attendant with no experience

Flight attendant job description

In addition to the service-oriented and responsible care of the passengers, it is also one of the tasks of a stewardess to explain the life-saving safety regulations before, during, and after the flight in an understandable way for the passengers and, of course, to comply with them yourself.

Flight attendants are not only responsible for ensuring that passengers are informed about necessary behaviours in the event of an emergency, but are also always competent to contact persons when first aid is to be provided or passengers need to be reassured. You must be able to use emergency equipment to help rescue passengers.

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In addition, you must remain calm when emergency procedures. You are within your profession, you must constantly improve customer service skills. Flight attendants must be ready to provide information at any time, whether it is about the organizational process of the flight, or what meal is served during the flight.

However, the multifaceted profession of a flight attendant is not limited exclusively to working as part of a flight crew, but also enables you to work for an airline industry as part of the ground crew. Therefore, the handling and check-in for the passengers is just as much a part of the training of the flight attendants as the daily routine on board.

How to become a flight attendant with no experience
How to become a flight attendant with no experience
You should become a flight attendants if …

– you want to see a lot of the world.

– you are good at dealing with stressful situations.

– it is easy for you to remain friendly even in difficult situations.

Under no circumstances should you become a flight attendant if …

– when turbulence causes you nausea, panic or anxiety.

– you want to have regular working hours.

– you don’t like to stay in tight and filled rooms.

What matters to you

– You work for a recognized employer with insecure economic conditions.

– You will receive basic training for service in the cabin of aircraft.

– You are working in an exciting and challenging area of responsibility.

– You work in a comradely environment.

– You can develop into Chef de Cabine or instructor of the cabin crew.

– You can expect a variety of additional qualification opportunities and an attractive remuneration package.

How to become a flight attendant with no experience

Is it hard to become a flight attendant?

What work clothes do flight attendants wear?

Whether bright blue or plain black—the main thing is that the uniform fits. As a fair hosted, you are dressed smartly and uniformly and wear either knee-length skirts, cloth pants, vests, or jackets. Sometimes a scarf or a headdress completes your outfit. In general, a neat appearance is indispensable for this profession: this also includes makeup, hairstyle, and well-groomed fingernails.

How to become a flight attendant with no experience

What kind of guy do I need to be to become great flight attendant?

You are communicative: as a flight attendant, you not only have a sympathetic appearance but above all you are open-minded. Welcoming passengers, encouraging them, or answering questions—you are there when you are needed.

You are confident and competent: As a flight attendant requirements, you are responsible for safety on board. You have an eye on compliance with the flight regulations and are there for the guests in case of uncertainties. Of course, you are always familiar with the flight regulations and can give passengers a safe feeling.

You always keep calm: turbulence or strenuous passengers—you are the calm person and cope with every obstacle with the necessary professionalism.

How to become a flight attendant with no experience
How to become a flight attendant with no experience
How does the training as a flight attendant work?

Prepare for a successful interview by following the advice of current flight attendants who have been selected.

Review the list of common flight attendant interview questions and consider how you would answer each question.

The training as a flight attendant or flight attendant is very different from classic dual training. In contrast to legally regulated training occupations, the flight attendant’s training is completed in the form of training courses. Within several weeks, in some cases, even several months, the theoretical backgrounds of the profession are taught and tested in educational institutions for aspiring flight attendants.

For some airlines, the training lasts only three to six weeks. The practical phases usually take place in the form of exercises in dummies or on short-haul flights. The airline industry with which you have completed the flight attendant training will then issue your certificate, which entitles you to practice flights in the profession.

How to become a flight attendant with no experience
How to become a flight attendant with no experience
Flight attendants should:

— Be stress-resistant

— Have very good grades in German and English

— Be physically resilient

— Be sociable and be able to approach people

— Don’t be afraid of heights

— Coping with changing working hours

Depending on the initial situation you are in, the requirements that are placed on you vary. An applicant who is fresh out of flight attendant school and applies for an apprenticeship as a flight attendant will naturally have little to no practical experience.

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For someone who has already completed the training for a long time, is already working and may have further education, of course, a completely different picture is emerging. For each of these situations, we have therefore created a free application sample for you to download.

What qualifications do you need to be a flight attendant?

Flight attendant training

In contrast to many other training courses, you only have to complete a short full-time flight attendant school education. It lasts from 6 weeks to 6 months.

In addition, it is not state-approved training, since the professional requirements depend entirely on the airline. However, you should meet a few common requirements. For example, you must be at least 18 years old and speak fluent English.

Depending on the airline, further knowledge is also required. By the way, you usually have to be between 1.60 and 1.95 meters tall. Preference is also given to “appropriate” body weight. Last but not least, you still need a passport before you can fully take off as a flight attendant. Also, you have to take a drug test. Everyone passes this test new flight attendants.

How to become a flight attendant with no experience

Which school-leaving certificate you need?

It varies from airline to airline. Usually, the middle maturity is assumed. However, some airlines prefer to have a high school diploma.

What requirements do I have to meet for training as a flight attendant?


Most airlines require a middle school diploma, but at least a completed high school diploma education. You can go to an airline with almost any education: associate or bachelor’s degree, college degree. You must remember that only professionals can become qualified candidates. You will definitely pass background check.

Minimum age:

So that there are no problems with the working time per day and the Youth Protection Act, you must be at least 18 years old if your application as a flight attendant is to be a success.

Foreign languages:

Since you sometimes announce the safety instructions in several languages, fluent English skills are required. In addition, some airlines require other foreign languages, such as French or Spanish.

Minimum size:

The airlines specify a minimum body size: This is usually between 1.60 and 1.65 meters, some airlines also have a maximum body size for certain types of aircraft. Airlines hire girls with suitable parameters, like delta airlines.


Without a valid passport, you cannot be used as a flight attendant on any flights, for example, extra flights.

Is flight attendant training recognised by the state?

The flight attendant is not a recognized training profession, as the respective training criteria do not correspond to the state ones, but differ from airline to airline. As a flight attendant, however, you have the opportunity, in addition to your profession, to attend an IHK-approved further training as a specialist consultant or as a specialist consultant for service management as a correspondence course.

How to become a flight attendant with no experience

How much does a beginner flight attendant make?

Salary during training

Since it is a school and not recognized education, you do not always receive remuneration. Some airlines pay expense allowances of around 400 euros per month. However, you may also have to pay a fee depending on the school.

Salary after training

As a flight attendant, your salary depends heavily on the airline. In addition, you can receive commission by selling various products on the plane. For longer stays, outside your home country, you will receive absentee pay. In addition, your salary increases with your work experience.

What are the chances of getting started as a flight attendant?

Where can I work as a flight attendant?

As a flight attendant position, there are various German and international flights that you can apply to.

What are the working hours as a flight attendant?

The profession of a flight attendant is ideal for those who are not looking for a classic 9-to-5 job. As a flight attendant, you will also be employed on weekends, public holidays, early in the morning, or late in the evening.

For example, American Airlines offer more than 40 days of vacation per year and at least ten days off per month. Working hours are regulated by the legislation of the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as by collective agreements. In the calendar year, you may not work more than 2000 hours, including the standby time.

Flight attendants spend the maximum monthly working time of 89 hours, the working hours vary depending on whether you are employed on a continental or intercontinental basis.

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Application as a flight attendant

In order to work above the clouds, you first need a suitable dream job advertisement for which you can apply. There are often different names for the same profession. Even today, the term flight attendants is often used in job advertisements.

The application gives the recruiters a first impression of you and your skills. The cover letter and CV should be adapted to the position and airline, and should also not contain spelling or grammar errors.

Furthermore, you have to pay special attention to your application photo when applying for a flight attendant. Unlike almost all professions, a full-body photo is usually required here.

If you were able to convince with your application folder, you will receive an invitation in person interview process (or video interview). Consider a few questions to show your interest in the airline. But also be prepared for questions from the HR staff and inform yourself well about your desired company beforehand.

So the chances of your dream flight attendant job are certainly good. You will be informed about the results in person interview process.

Flight attendant career

After your training, you have the opportunity to deepen your existing knowledge through various further training courses. So you not only increase your skills but also your salary. We have taken a closer look at two career paths for you:

Senior Flight Attendant (Purser)

After you work as a new flight attendant (initial training) and after a few years in the profession, you can take the position of the purser. Thus, you are the highest-ranking flight attendant and head of the cabin crew. By the way, your high responsibility in this professional position is very well compensated. Senior flight attendants (full fledged flight attendant) receive up to 7,000 euros gross per month.

Specialist consultant for service management

This training was only launched in 2017. This should be similar to that of a specialist and can be obtained through a 15-month distance learning course. It is even mandatory for Lufthansa employees. Among other things, knowledge about conflict management, employee management, or project management is imparted.

Then, having gained a lot of experience and having completed your career, the airline can hire you as a mentor like demonstrated proficiency professional. Or you can, like other flight attendants, leave the airline forever.

How to become a flight attendant with no experience


Let’s summarize the results:

Are you looking for a challenge? Thanks to your versatile talents, you create the best conditions for success. Many airlines offer interesting challenges and opportunities for development. Airline hires only in-person interviews (or video interviews), you will be hired. Previous experience doesn’t matter. But you will definitely pass a background check.

A flight attendant job is that offers an exciting workplace, good working conditions, and a great variety.

You can enjoy long periods of amazing benefits, free flights.

In order to work at a dream job, there is no need to have a high school diploma. You can go to an airline with almost any education: associate or bachelor’s degree, college degrees.

For some it is a profession, for others, it is a vocation: belonging to the flight crew of a prestigious airline is still a dream for many. You are within your profession, you must constantly improve customer service skills. It is unlikely that in any other areas of the profession, the passion for technology, direct communication with people, and the experience of unfamiliar countries are so close to each other.

If you trust yourself with a profession in which you continue to learn something new, you should apply.

You find yourself in the role of a flight attendant – in a variety of activities in a good team. Seven-week training will give you all the necessary knowledge. You will receive reasonable compensation, as well as additional services from the airline.

This article answered your question, how to become a flight attendant with no experience?

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