How to Become a Famous DJ

How to Become a Famous DJ

DJ is a profession that consistently brings profit to those who master it correctly. Modern technologies make life easier for current DJs and open up an unprecedented scope for imagination. If you are already working in this profession, I know a little about mixing music and the basics, but you want to reach heights, or Vice versa just starting your creative path, you will need our useful tips. Not all DJs immediately found fame, and the path to it for many was quite long. If you do everything right, you can come to fame much faster. So, today we will look at how to become a famous DJ.

What Types of DJs Are There?

how to become a famous dj

  1. DJ at the club

Each club has its own atmosphere and audience, so such a DJ needs to focus on certain musical tastes. Your job will be to keep people on the dance floor constantly in motion. Your secret: make high-quality transitions and come up with some tricks to make people dance and not leave the dance floor. If a DJ constantly performs in the same club, he is called a resident of the club. Such DJs must know how to regulate the energy of their audience so that people can dance perfectly and bring a decent revenue to the bar. If you have fans, you can tour other bars or festivals.

  1. Mobile DJs

These are the same people who perform at corporate events and weddings or those whom you call to provide musical accompaniment to the prom. They can run a bunch of different events and are good entrepreneurs. As such a DJ, you can transport and install all the necessary equipment yourself, plan your own bright show, and manage your audience. You can accept music from other people, create playlists, warm up the crowd with the right words into the microphone, and improve your equipment at your own expense.

  1. Radio DJs

In general, the concept of a DJ was originally born thanks to radio. On the radio, you will have different responsibilities: from choosing the interruptions between advertising and the main program to composing the music content of the radio station. Now a very popular format of podcasts, which are slowly gaining popularity with the audience, but the radio itself is still alive and this profession is very relevant.

  1. Turntables, or DJs-performers

You can become such a DJ if you achieve a certain skill in handling equipment and a good reputation. Your mixes should catch the audience, making them move without stopping to your well-constructed transitions and tricks. Some DJs of this direction are not only interesting to listen to, but they are also interesting to watch. This is how their bright performances are built. You have to merge with your equipment like a musician with his instrument.

How to Become a Famous DJ: General Tips

How to Become a Famous DJ

  1. Try to produce high-quality music

Any DJ should be able to see the difference between standard music made in the shortest possible time and high-quality music that you put your heart into. Modern technologies allow anyone without the appropriate education to touch the creation of music tracks. To stand out, you need to choose the right background, have good tools at your disposal, mix correctly – this is the only way you will get music that can win a large audience. You must be consistent and be attentive at every stage of creating a new track.

There is such a thing as a ghost producer. This person uses their talent to create music for you so that you can demonstrate it to the audience as your own creation. He, in turn, receives a share of his profit from this but does not receive recognition. Do not hesitate to use the services of ghost producers, because music is just one of the components on your way to fame. These people don’t need your fame, they do their work for money. They know in advance that they will get nothing but them, and they consciously go for it.

  1. Enlist the support of famous artists

This is another fairly effective way to become famous. If you are a representative of a famous person who has already created a high-quality brand, you know for sure that a large audience listens to their product, which means that your music will not go unnoticed. Through such an artist, you will soon become famous and get a large number of fans.

  1. Don’t forget about the possibilities of the Internet

The Internet accepts any of our products. The Internet is changing, so you can experiment on its expanses. You can create new styles yourself and find an audience for them. Moreover, this audience can be multinational. You should understand this and take advantage of the world wide web. Keep all your social networks active, don’t forget to upload new tracks to YouTube, and don’t forget about popular apps that people use to listen to music, such as Spotify or Apple Music. This takes quite a long time every day, but it helps you reach a large part of your audience.

Here are some basic tips for promoting your work as a DJ online:

  • Content must be published constantly. If you don’t do anything, no one will notice you. Accept that most of your work will not be noticed at first.
  • Don’t be silent. You should actively create not only music but also posts, tweets, communicate with subscribers, and respond to comments. If you don’t do this, your online success will plummet.
  • Don’t be monotonous. Create different types of content: your tracks, someone else’s tracks that you liked, other types of art that serve as a source of inspiration for you, notable stories. You should publish something that reflects you as a person. Don’t forget about the variety of forms: use texts, audio, images, and videos. You can combine them.
  • Don’t spam. You should share your mixes, but don’t impose them on your audience. This is annoying and your followers will quickly leave you.
  • Respect the others. It’s hard to get people to pay attention to you, recognize your work, or just listen to your mixes. Try to evaluate someone else’s creativity, maybe this person will appreciate yours.
  1. Create unique shows for your audience

Make a show that your audience will remember for a long time. Choose the music that people want to hear today, select tracks based on the age category of the audience and their tastes. You have to play the kind of music that will make people go out on the dance floor and not leave it for a long time. You must create a unique atmosphere, not forgetting about your personal movements during the show.

Today you learned how to become a famous DJ. Remember one thing: you can’t become famous in one day, fame will not come to you by itself. You need to be truly committed to your business in order not to give up and achieve your goals. You will have to make a lot of effort to build a halo of fame around yourself, create your own brand and become a significant person in the huge music industry.

It’s easy enough to learn how to create music using modern technology, but it’s much harder to make a living from it. This is possible, but you will need a fairly large deposit. Do something that will make you happier. Learn to approach your music and your activities correctly. Improve not only as a DJ but also as a person. Learn to read your audience by adjusting your activities according to their requests. Try to stand out from the crowd, come up with your own unique image. Learn new trends in music, experiment, and don’t be afraid to create something new. All DJs who have become famous recently are very original, and it is not easy to be original in our time.

Follow our tips and you will understand how to become a famous DJ.


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