how to become famous overnight

How to Become Famous Overnight

The way to fame may be long and thorny sometimes. You have to possess a talent in a certain field and sharpen your skills for years and years. It is much more easy and attractive to wake up one day and know exactly how to become famous overnight once and for all. Obviously, the shortest way to popularity in a new era is using the powers of World Wide Web. Getting famous on various social media is possible if you are diligent enough to create the stable online presence. Perhaps, you will reach success in creating dynamic content in a certain format that will take its place across multiple social media platforms. The good news is that there are opportunities to gain a massive social media following. But keep in mind, that you should learn how to increase your audience from the scratch and release new posts, articles or videos consistently. Also do not forget to think realistically and utilize convenient tools to help you monitor and evaluate your progress in a specified period of time.

Through Rough Ways to the Stars

how to become famous overnight

However, what the major obstacle is, the internet has become truly overpopulated. And it continues to be a container for more and more information. Now it has become harder than ever to fill a niche and cut through the clutter to come into notice – no wonder, because almost everyone around you already has their own Twitter account, Facebook page, YouTube channel, or blog. Never before had we got as much cataracts of information and extremely short and easy ways to share the results of somebody’s creativity around as today. It is almost impossible to concentrate on something for a long time.

All of us still remember those times that we evidenced not so long ago, when everyone was satisfied with just a couple of television channels, movie studios, and music recording companies. They were the providers of the content and we were its consumers to loyally watch, listen, and read everything that we could see around. It seemed that we didn’t even pay attention to whether we liked the content or not, because we had not so much available alternatives to choose from.  We used to be nothing more than the spectators of talents of all kinds that professionals of this business offered to us from the other side of the TV-screen.

But everything changed with the technical progress. The internet conquered our lives and free time. There is no more borderline between the Creators who share the works of their imagination and the Spectators who adore it. Everyone can be a creator now, at least to some degree. What we are concerned about most of all is our own creativity, there is no time to pay attention to the work of somebody else.

We put out new posts every week in our blog, Facebook and Twitter and just want to be heard, but everyone around wants to be heard either. No one listens to anyone, it seems that everyone is merely talking to themselves.

All the voices merge together into a common buzzing. It is hard to distinguish every single one of them. Finally in the end the media space comes to the point of no return when even you cannot hear yourself. That’s why here we gathered the working tips on how to become famous overnight in a current situation of relentless background noise.

1. Be a Pro in a Chosen Domain

how to become famous overnight

It sounds a little bit trivial, but true — dedicate your own piece of information realm to the topic you are an expert in.

Let’s say we ask one simple question to people who are very well aware of the world of social media. They are remarkable with active and long-term online presence and reached certain success in this field. They have an access to the administration of large groups or blogs and are engaged into their management and development. The question is: «What are the criteria you are guided by when you follow or add a person to friends?» Be sure that the answer would be almost the same: «I am interested in people who share their knowledge. Who write about the things I have no idea about».

It is the experts who run the show. In simple words, everyone is able to generate smart ideas or posts. What is your domain? Physics? Write about it. Beauty? Instead of posting endless pictures of models consider writing about diets or exercises. Advertising? Share links to some creative works. Imagine you are a media outlet. These people have much more chances than those whose pages either have no point or too abstract and far from reality.

2. Start with Reposts

how to become famous overnight

Speaking about social media, publics with viral content have gained high popularity today. In other words, it is the groups with reposts of some pictures, links, articles, thoughts and ideas. If you share a video or interesting material at your page, you have a chance to set up a viral chain of likes and follows, more and more subscribers will know about you, and you will get a good start. It is a good and quite a relaxed way to gain followers on the first stage of how to become famous overnight. When you keep your feet on the ground, you can start promoting yourself. There is a wise saying: become famous at first, and then push your ideas.

What is the most important here: be sure you are not reposting everything you see. There is no sense in sharing something that everyone has already seen a hundred times before you. It is much more effective to find something cool and more original and put it into your page.

3. Stay Sane

how to become famous overnight

Let’s make it clear what can scare people away from you at once. Withdrawn or impolite users often irritate others in social media. There is no point in sticking to the precautionary measures as if we were in the real world. The internet is a zone of relax and leisure, you have to understand the psychology of people. Otherwise you can get used to treating your friends or followers with rudeness and you risk losing the audience. Try to be positive. The basic principles of psychology work in virtual reality as well as in ordinary world.

4. Pay Attention to the Format

how to become famous overnight

Any media outlet that is eager to attract audience does a great job on presenting the information. So analyze your posts, try to look at the materials from a more professional point of view. Surely, you don’t have to analyze everything too much and do the job of a professional journalist. But it would be great just to slightly shift the angle towards this direction. Such an approach is believed to lead to a decent result.

But beware of leaning over backwards. Social media is an area of naturalness. So, people who behave in a too professional way – journalists, copywriters, designers, for example, can lose credibility very quickly. Think as you were a representative of similar fields, but without getting too enthusiastic. These specialists have already come a long way, so let them be an example for you.

Learn the methods: does your material look appealing? Note that some of the bloggers write their status very laconically and on target. Other internet-celebrities prefer to attach pictures. By the way, it is a well-known fact that a picture perfectly fitting to a status is capable of increasing the conversion of likes by 20-40%. Experiment and think your moves. Or you can just visit the websites of SMM-specialists and take a couple of ideas from there.

5. Write about the Things You Have Seen

how to become famous overnight

Some people say that the old format of journalism is gradually fading away. New generation of authors is stealing the spotlight. The news coverage of eyewitnesses is a really exciting thing. The most part of such information is unique and what’s more, you can create it just keeping your eyes open. Doing this for a short period of time makes you a little bit of mass media, and mass media is the fourth power.

6. Filter What You Post

how to become famous overnight

The image of a person cast in a simple mould is certainly something that will help to make people follow you. The people who are most often in the limelight, busy, successful and practical, are also most often composed. It would be hard to be a subscriber of a financial expert who posts useful articles about numbers and money today, and tons of photos from parties the next day. Even if you chose to put out photos from parties, make it naturally complement your whole image, not contradict with it. You are not going to come to business lunch in board shorts, aren’t you? The principles are the same.

7. Let Your Subscribers Communicate

how to become famous overnight

People popular on the web are often those who has a talent to transmit the ideas of one group of people to another one. This is how they gather a huge audience of all kinds and backgrounds. And this army of friends and followers not only leaves likes and comments addressed to the author, but also interacts with each other. Sometimes reading their conversations is ten times more informative than a series of news. Let your readers communicate within your page, because they are your resource as well. Live discussions provoke to join them. As soon as a lot of people comment you, more audience gets attracted and trusts you in general.

8. Don’t Ignore Your Profile

how to become famous overnight

If you are willing to promote yourself in social media, thoroughly think about the personal profile. There is no a golden rule that states how you should fill it. Anyway, a half empty bio draws much less attention to its owner than the one that demonstrates real-time and active online presence. If it is your website or blog, add plugins of the most popular platforms, such as likes, dislikes or share button. You bio should provide brief information about you and what your account is about. If you are not running a professional account, a few emojis and personal hashtags would be just enough.

9. Learn the World of Different Social Media

how to become famous overnight

Learn what various platforms are presented on the web, what are their key features and advantages. Thus it becomes clear, what type of content is most suitable for each of them. For example, Twitter and Instagram are perfect places for something light and funny as videos, gifs, quotes, photos and stories. LinkedIn is a well-known channel of professional content and job news. Facebook is kind of universal and serves to many purposes. The knowledge of how the popular social media function will help you understand what you should get from one or another.

So, now you have an idea of how to become famous overnight. Perhaps, you used to think that getting famous online is much easier than being a famous, let’s say, artist, musician or actor. Now you can be sure that even though it seems plain, it is also subject to the certain laws, understanding of which can make the way to fame closer.


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