How to become a pickleball pro: top 9 tips & best guide

How to become a pickleball pro: tips and tricks

How to become a pickleball pro? Professional sports are a competitive business. These tips will help you to become a pickleball pro and to stay afloat. Pickleball is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Millions of people enjoy this sport, which is a mixture of badminton, tennis, and ping pong.

Simple rules and obvious health benefits make pickleball the most fast-growing sport in America. People started playing pickleball in 1965 when Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCallum made up a new sport to play with their families.

This sport is suitable for people of all ages. You can see kids playing pickleball with their grandparents. The main advantages that explain pickleball popularity are availability and simplicity. This sport has great potential not only in the USA but all over the world.

how to become a pickleball pro
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Professional pickleball player

People who combine sports and business are called professional pickleball players. They take part in spectacular sports events and make money from these activities.

The average salary of professional pickleball players is around $50,000 per year. Of course, the salary depends on the pickleball player’s level and personal achievements.

The annual salary of top players can reach $120,000.

A professional pickleball player should have some personal characteristics that will help them to reach success. If you want to become a professional pickleball player, you should be:

  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • Disciplined
  • Committed
  • Optimistic
  • Persistent
  • Supportive
  • Competitive
  • Self-confident

USA pickleball tournament rating

All pro pickleball players are given a score from 1 to 6 to determine their skill level. The higher the score, the more efficient the pickleball player is.

A pickleball rating is very important for tournaments.If you want to take part in tournaments, you should get as high a score as you can.

  • A rating from 1.0 to 2.0 means that a player is just a beginner. They need to learn the pickleball rules and practice.
  • A score of 2.5 means that a player is a novice, and they can compete with other players with the same rating.
  • Players with a 3.0 score know the rules and understand the basic principles of the sport.
  • Rating 3.5 means that a player can use strategies.
  • A score of 4.0 is given to an exceptional pickleball player.
  • Pickleball players with a rating of 4.5 are good ones. They can hit swinging volleys and block hard volleys.
  • Rating 5.0 is given to excellent players who have mastered almost everything.
  • Scores from 5.5 to 6.0 get only a few professional pickleball players. They are really brilliant.

A professional pickleballer should have at least a rating of 4.5.

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How to improve your skill levels

Many people want to turn amateur sports into businesses but do not know what to start with. Here are some tips that will help you to become a professional pickleball player.

  1. Practice makes perfect
  2. Become a member of the pickleball club
  3. Train with a pickleball coach
  4. Keep fit
  5. Take part in pickleball tournaments
  6. View from the outside
  7. Learn from the experience of professionals
  8. Join a pickleball camp or pickleball clinic
  9. Combat your weaknesses
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Practice makes perfect

Do you know this common saying? The more you practice, the better results you achieve. Everyday training makes pickleball not only a good habit but also a lifestyle.

You can make recreational play with your neighbors and friends. If you cannot find a competitor, you may practice alone using a special pickleball machine that feeds you balls instead of the opposing pickleball player. So you can play pickleball any time you want.

Become a member of the pickleball club

Pickleball Club Membership provides easy solutions for insurance, club management, and opportunities to play pickleball. Pickleball Club membership gives discounts on pickleball equipment. The members of the Pickleball Club got mailed subscriptions to the latest news and events.

Train with a pickleball coach

If you want to become a professional pickleball player, I strongly recommend you train with a coach. Training with a professional coach helps you to minimize injuries and to maximize the effectiveness of the process.

An experienced coach has comprehensive knowledge of playing techniques and strategies. They can help you to reduce the number of errors during the game and to choose the right playing styles. And besides, a coach gives you great motivation to train, to play, and to win. They become not only a coach but also a close friend.

A pickleball coach can answer all of your questions and give you some advice.

Keep fit

The daily routine is a key to success for a pro pickleball player. Eating, sleeping, and physical training should be scheduled. A pro pickleball player needs to sleep 6-9 hours a day. It’s better to go to bed before 22.00 because at this time special hormones are produced for a quick body recovery.

A pro pickleball player needs to have 2-3 physical training sessions a week to keep the body in good condition.

Good nutrition is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle. A pro pickleball player should have a balanced diet containing proteins, fats, carbs, and vitamins.

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Take part in pickleball tournaments

Professional pickleball tournament play is an opportunity to express yourself to a wide audience and earn money. Most of the payouts come from professional tournaments.

Try to take part in all the tournaments you can find. The more you play, the more experience you get and the more money you can earn. Try to take part in a few tournaments, and you’ll get motivated and confident.

You should participate in a sanctioned tournament, such as the Standard Sanctioned Tournament, for example. You will obtain an official rating and also have the opportunity to play against better players as a result of participating in a sanctioned tournament.

View from the outside

When you watch a pro pickleball player, you will pay attention to their technique, common errors, and strong points. And then you can make up your strategy based on this knowledge.

You can also find interesting articles on sports themes and examine them to widen your outlook.

Watching pro games gives you a chance to see how professionals use strategies like pickleball stacking to gain an advantage.

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Learn from the experience of pickleball professionals

It will be great if you can have a conversation with professional pickleball players. They can share the experience, discuss playing strategies, and help you to choose pickleball-stacked tactics to change the scoreboard in your favor.

You may understand shot selection more as well as the various play styles performed by professional players under various conditions. Pickleball requires a significant amount of coordination and strategy. Try playing pickleball with a stiff pickleball professional. Playing against someone better than you can knock your confidence.

Join pickleball camps or pickleball clinics

As we said earlier, when you become a pickleball pro, this sport becomes your lifestyle. A good way to practice and communicate with your comrades is by visiting such camps and clinics.

The Camps usually contain two sessions with a break for lunch.

The Camps have very diverse schedules. They can last from one day to a week. If a person wants to stay for a night at a camp, they can easily find a hotel next to the pickleball courts. So, you can spend your daytime playing pickleball and hang out with other pickleball players in the evening.

Pickleball camps can be for adults or for kids. You can find a suitable camp or clinic next to you. When you look for the Camp, be attentive to your level of proficiency. Some camps work with beginners, others with advanced players. You can see the information about the most famous Camps in the table below:

Graphic sign Name Skill levels

  • Nike Pickleball Camp for adults (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • LevelUp Pickleball Camps (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • Engage Pickleball Camp (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • USTA Pickelbarr Camps (intermediate)
  • Rise Pickleball Camps (intermediate)
  • Gamma Pickleball Camps (intermediate)
  • Tyson Mcguffin Pickleball Camp (intermediate, advanced)
  • World Team Pickleball Camps (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • Simone Jardim Pickleball Camp (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • WeArePickelball Camp (beginners, intermediate, advanced)

Pickleball clinics are usually one-day events. They are dedicated to a single issue, and they are conducted by top-notch pickleball players.

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Combat your weaknesses

Every player has weaknesses. Usually, it’s the area in which players least like to train. Overcoming weaknesses is almost entirely an individual mental toughness issue. During your training, you should focus on your weaknesses.

First of all, you should honestly pick your weak area. You can watch videos from your plays to determine it. Then take it as a challenge and try to overcome this obstacle positively, and your weaknesses will turn into advantages.

Pickleball leagues

There are three professional pickleball leagues: Major League Pickleball (MLP), Association of Pickleball Players (APP), and Professional Pickleball Association (PPA).

Major League Pickleball

A pickleball player can take part in Major League Pickleball tournaments. Before the competitive game begins, players in MLP are organized into drafts.

Each draft consists of two men and two women of different skill levels.

Association of Pickleball Players (APP)

This association organizes professional tournaments with cash prize payouts. If a player wants to compete in the APP, they need to hold an active USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) membership. The value of cash prizes ranges from $25,000 to $75,000.

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Professional Pickleball Association (PPA)

The PPA also organizes professional tournaments. No need to be a USAPA member if you want to take part in the tournament. The award in the PPA ranges from $30,000 to $150,000. The PPA matches are broadcast on TV.

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Pickleball ladder leagues

Pickleball ladder leagues are very popular in the pickleball community. Pickleball ladder leagues organize competitive matches with special rules. At the very beginning, each pro pickleball player is given the same position at the bottom of the ladder.

During the competition, the position of players changes according to the number of winnings he/she has.

The position on the ladder depends on how many times the player wins or loses. The goal of the pickleball ladders is to be at the top.

If a lower player beats the higher player, they get their place on the ladder. If a lower player loses, both layers stay in their positions. After the regular games, the playoff season begins. The winners get awards and cash prizes. Maybe you would be interested in playing padel-tennis?

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To be short, to become a professional pickleball player is not easy at all, but it is a profitable business. If you have made up your mind to become a professional pickleball player, practice a lot, join a pickleball club, train with a coach, keep fit, take part in pickleball tournaments, watch other players, and talk to professional players.

Make pickleball your lifestyle, work hard, and you will become a professional pickleball player. What do you think about Paintball?


How much does a professional pickleball player make?

1. The annual salary of a pickleball player depends on the player’s skill level. An average professional pickleball player makes about $50,000 per year. A top-notch pickleball player can make $120,000 a year.
2. Do pickleball pros make money?Yes, pickleball pros make money. The most effective way to make money is to compete in tournaments. Top players can also organize paid workshops for beginners.
3. What is a 4.0 pickleball player?There’s a special Pickleball Rating that is given to each player according to his skill level. A 4.0 pickleball player switches positions for attack when appropriate. They have high awareness of their partner’s and their own positions.A 4.0 player identifies opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, builds the play around an opponent, accurately places lob shots, and controls shot speed. Such players show good mobility, quickness, and hand-eye coordination. 4.0 players take part in tournaments.